KShs. 40 billion project that threatens Embakasi and Ruai homeowners

The planned expansion of the bypass to a four-lane, four-lane highway is giving many owners and owners sleepless nights.


The Ksh 40 billion project is expected to transform the landscape of the entire 31.4 km stretch of road that crosses Mihang’o, Ruai, Embakasi and Mukuru kwa Njenga.


In 2019/2020 Supplementary Budget shared by Parliament, Ksh 100 million has been set aside to facilitate the expansion project.


Kamakis area in Ruiru has witnessed a surge in developed properties along the road. Residential houses and business establishments have sprouted in the hundreds.


The National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) carried a study during the approval phase of the project showing that land along the bypass is both public and privately owned.


“Land use along the Eastern bypass consists of residential dwellings, retail business (shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, hardware stores, and fast food cafes),” the report reads in part.


The project is to be undertaken in tandem with the dualing of the Northern Bypass road that has seen homeowners in Ruaka turn to the courts to seek compensation for the hundreds of apartments that are set for demolition.


According to the NEMA report, legal landowners will be compensated by the national government while those found to encroach on road reserves are expected to bear losses of several million.


Nairobi County’s current road network is insufficient in terms of coverage to meet current and future demands, as foreseen in the Vision 2030 plan.


The planned extension of the eastern bypass is expected to increase road capacity and address current challenges such as accidents.


The study findings concluded that the project will result in reduced traffic along the East and North Ring Road, making it safer for motorists and pedestrians.


Landlords along the stretch of road are more concerned about whether or not they will be compensated as they are set to lose millions in not only property value, but potential earned revenue as well.


At the center of the project also sits Northlands City a mega housing project that will add 30,000 road users on the highway according to NEMA.


“According to project proponents, the proposed development will ultimately house 250,000 people. It is projected that this population will generate up to 30,000 vehicles per day on to the Eastern bypass and 27,000 vehicles per day on Thika Road,” reads an excerpt from the report.



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