Having the Bartimaeus Spirit

Rev Dr Robert Waihenya

Having the Bartimaeus Spirit

Mark 10: 46-52

I don’t know whether you know how it feels to be rejected, to be neglected, and forgotten. That moment when, the world and the people do not feel your existence at all. It’s the worst thing one can experience.

This is what Bartimaeus has gone through for his entire life. To make it worse, he was even identified and described with his weakness; “the blind Bartimaeus!” But though the poor fellow could not do anything over the people’s view and opinion on him, he never allowed this situation to blind his hope and his determination.

Many times we are faced by a situation like that of Bartimaeus, the world is cruel, unkind, brutal, uncaring, unconcerned and full of mockery upon us due to the situations we are in. We are written off as hopeless, useless, blind, and of no much use. We are condemned to be roadside characters always looking for mercy and favors. At times we are tempted to do the most wild things against our hearts wishes so that we may survive. Our dignity is taken away and we are a scorn to all. No one want to identify with us and we have a thousand and one questions to ask God why; but He also seem far.

This is the time we need the heart of Bartimaeus. When we have this; we overcome the pressures of the world and stand firm against them all. When the world pushes us to give up, compromise, to commit suicide, to revenge and be worldly, the Bartimaeus spirit tells us NO! It silently whispers to us that the savior is coming to our situation very soon and in an unexpected manner so no giving up!

We need the Bartimaeus spirit for its the one which helps us to do and respond as follows during our worst situations;

Accept our situations;
Bartimaeus first step was to accept his situation that he was blind. He never complained for being called blind and other names. The first step when we have the spirit of Bartimaeus is accepting our situations and end the bitterness and complaining.

Don’t allow the Situation to silence you;
Bartimaeus never allowed the blindness and the opinion of people to silence him. He was determined to silence everyone and the situations he was in. Likewise, let not your situation of sin, guilt, ridicule, hunger, lack or physical appearances silence you, silence all of them at the feet of Jesus.

Ignoring the multitude mentality;
The multitudes condemns us as blind, sinners, uneducated, poor, bewitched, hopeless, and many others in order to bring us down. They deny you access to the Lord but with the spirit of Bartimaeus in you; nothing can stop you from resisting the multitude noises and take it all to Jesus.

The spirit of Bartimaeus was that of determination. Everyone was against him but he stood and persisted and doors opened for him that day. Persist and push even when your opponents and haters seems to have won! Be determined my brother/my sister and you will get out of this stronger and with a bigger name like Bartimaeus.

Discerning the right voice;
Amidst the many voices and noises of the crowd, Bartimaeus picked the right voice of the Lord and he cried to him. Likewise in the midst of the confusing noises you are getting and fighting against you, pick and discern the voice of the Lord. This is what the spirit of Bartimaeus does!

He asked the right questions at the right time;
This is spiritual guidance! Going with the timings of God even when the seasons are harsh and cruel as they were to Bartimaeus. May the spirit guide you on what to ask from the Lord, how to ask it, and when so that you are not bypassed!

He established a quick relationship with Jesus;
Bartimaeus caught the attention of Jesus and Jesus came to him and they had a conversation! This was the biggest honor and gift to Bartimaeus. Likewise, your greatest gift to yourself is establishing a long relationship with Jesus! Have the spirit of Bartimaeus.

May the good Lord help you and me to have spirit like that of Bartimaeus!


Rev Dr Robert Waihenya


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