Jonah 1: 1-12, Mark 4: 35-41
Jesus had spent the day teaching the crowd around the lake of Galilee. The lake extends for thirteen miles in length and it’s seven and a half miles in width at its widest point.
After the teachings, Jesus told his disciples to cross over to the other side of the lake. They obliged and got into the boat and started sailing and at that moment, Jesus slipped into a nap. In normal circumstances, Galilee was a peaceful lake but on this day, something very strange happened; there was a sudden storm.
The disciples tried to fight the storm without troubling Jesus but the storm overcame them to a point where they surrendered and awakened the Lord crying, “Teacher! Don’t you care that we are going down?” At that moment, the Lord woke up and directly talked to the storm saying; “Silence, be still!” and suddenly the storm ceased!
The difference between the storm of Jonah and the storm of the Disciples was that in the storm of Jonah, he had abandoned the Lord and was escaping from Him but in the storm of the disciples they were with the Lord and under his instructions.
The presence of the Lord makes all the difference to us when sudden and unexpected storms come our way. If storms find us without the Lord like Jonah, it’s disastrous, but if they come when we are with the Lord, we are safe! He silences all of them.
We learn the the following from the two episodes;
– Never allow your fear to be greater than your faith;
This is why Jesus asked them, “why are you afraid, don’t you have faith?” If you have Jesus
with you, fear nothing for you are a victor!
At times we are hopeless and shattered during the storm!
The disciples became hopeless due to the storm and they woke up the Lord with a
complaint- “don’t you care?” But when the Lord woke up, he gave them new hope and they
were encouraged again. May the Lord end your hopelessness due to the storms you are going
through and give you new hope!
-Storms are seasonal;
Though they rage and threaten to destroy and finish us, they are defeated when we have
Christ. But if we do not have Christ, we go the Jonah way!
-Storms causes us to charge our focus;
The storm caused the disciples to refocus to Jesus and cried to him. Jesus never complained
to them as to why they disturbed his sleep. Jesus will never complain to you over your past
failures, defeats wrong focuses, wrong choices and actions when you decide to refocus on him.
Refocus to Christ at this hour of your storm!
– Sudden storms come with an Assurance;
When we ride with Jesus in our storms, we are assured of peace, victory and getting to our
destination. Likewise, in your storm, there is a soft voice of victory.
-During the storms our cries are quickly heard;
It was during the storm that we see the Lord answering the cry of the disciples with speed. Don’t hide like Jonah, the Lord is answering you in the midst of your tears and pain! Continue calling to him like the disciples.
-During the Storm, protocols are forgotten;
When the storm came, they all shouted together without following the protocols ! During our storms too, every moment is an opportunity to shout to the Lord about our needs as no protocols are required! Shout to your master in your storm for the Lord is listening.
Storms gives us a new revelation of whom our Lord is;
The disciples saw the power of the Lord by the way he silenced the storm, they were
astonished and asked, “who is this man even the winds and waves obey him?” The storm will
not finish you but you will experience the power of God in a special way and get a new revelation about the Lord like the disciples.
Have faith for your storm will leave you better like that of the disciples but only if you have Christ with you.
Have the master of the storms with you all the times for you never know when your Galilee which seems quite and cool might get stormy!
By Rev Dr Robert Waihenya.


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